Why should you hire a professional travel advisor?

"Oh, the places you'll go" ~Dr. Seuss

Travel agents sell travel.

Professional travel advisors have the education, experience, and contacts to create memories.


We're proud to hold certification and partner with some of the top names in travel.

Every advisor on the team completes 100+ hours of training annually, and we know an online chat bot can't say that. 

We really are experts in the industry.

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Most people plan one vacation a year.


We plan hundreds.

You get the benefits off all that experience without having to rack up the mileage.

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We don't want to brag, but we know people

We choose our partners carefully and develop personal relationships all over the world.

We use these contacts to gain access to specials, upgrades, and unique experiences that most travelers miss.

Am I the Perfect Travel Advisor for You?

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I am...

  • An advisor who is going to take the time to dive deep into the research to make sure that the options you're given are actually the best ones out there for YOU.

  • An advisor with close contacts on the ground so I'll know exactly what you should expect and how to find the hidden gems.

  • An advisor who listens to your needs and understands that every vacation experience is different. 

  • An advisor who is intensely organized and will keep track of every detail in order to coordinate the logistics for you. 

  • An enthusiastic advisor who cannot wait to curate the perfect trip to fit exactly what you're looking for!

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Are You the Perfect Traveler for Me?

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You are...

  • A traveler that trusts me to take care of securing and finalizing every single reservation from hotel, activities, flights, and even dining reservations- all in the name of a stress-free vacation experience. 

  • A traveler who enjoys memory making experiences and colorful life stories over material things.

  • A traveler who understands the value of a fantastic advisor and knows their vacation will be immensely better for having asked for expertise. 

  • A traveler who is excited to explore the world around them and is interested in having someone take care of every last detail so they can unplug and truly enjoy the vacation. 


Meet Your Advisor

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Wendy Bartley

My life in taglines: Intrepid wanderer, gypsy soul, over planner, Florida native


If I wasn't a Travel Advisor I would be: An English teacher


What I wanted to be when I grew up: A travel advisor. Seriously. Since age 8.


If I won the lottery: A first class ticket to Europe and a train pass.

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