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  • Wendy Bartley

6 Foods You Must Try in Greece

There is so much to appreciate about Greece: mythology, its rich and deep history, incredible ancient architecture, and we can’t forget its delicious food! Greek food has influenced cuisine around Europe and beyond. Food in Greece changes across the seasons and areas, but there are some serious must-try dishes you can find year-round. Here are 6 mouthwatering foods to try in Greece.

Greek pastries

You’ve probably heard of baklava, and maybe even tried it, but it’s one of the foods you must try in Greece too! Baklava is one of Greece’s most famous pastries. Combine primarily nuts, butter, sugar, and sweet syrup and you end up with the sweet nuttiness of baklava.

Greek pastries don’t stop there, though. Amygdalota is another one of the foods you must try in Greece. This sweet treat is widely popular throughout the country and typically combines almonds, butter, and sugar to form a delicious, gluten-free cookie! It’s a dessert that reflects warmth and good company. Enjoy it with a coffee and friends for the ultimate Greek experience.


Moussaka exists in variations across Europe, but this iconic Greek oven-baked dish involves sliced and sauteed eggplant, minced lamb, tomato purée, garlic, onion, a bit of potato, and spices. You can also find vegetarian/vegan versions of this spectacular dish!

Check out spots like To Kati Allo near the Acropolis Museum or Oineas for some of the best Moussaka and Greek food in Athens.

However, as you travel around the country, you’ll find variations of this outstanding dish. Explore the various styles of this dish as you soak up the best of Greece.


This dish is an absolute must-try food in Greece! Usually served as a starter, this dish is essentially vine or grape leaves wrapped around lemony, herby rice, and steamed to deliciousness. They are also often found stuffed with meat or vegetables. Drizzle with lemon for an extra zingy flavor. As for the herbs, they usually involve mint or parsley. The combination is delightful!


If you like spinach, or even if you don’t, spanakopita is irresistibly good. This savory phyllo pastry is filled with heaps of crumbling feta cheese plus fresh spinach, sweet onions, and seasonings. Greeks love their pies and spanakopita is no exception.

Another similar option is tyropita, a crunchy phyllo pastry wrapped around a delicious cheese filling. Try both of the phyllo pies, but spanakopita is one of the best foods to try in Greece.


Craving lasagna on your trip to Greece? Try pastitsio! Similar to the famous Italian dish, pastitsio uses small macaroni instead of lasagna sheets. In many ways, Greece has been influenced by Italy, especially on the island of Kefalonia.

So, other than macaroni, what makes this Greek dish different from its Italian counterpart? Pastitsio is made by layering ground beef (or lamb) with macaroni and béchamel sauce. It’s also often flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg, and other Greek herbs. You’ll also often find it topped with cheese before being baked in the oven. Yum!

Greek dips

Visit Greece and you’ll soon discover what a mainstay dips are for the country. Probably the most famous Greek dip is tzatziki, which combines cucumber, garlic, and yogurt for a seriously delicious creation.

Then, there’s fava. Now, you’re probably thinking of fava beans, and if so, you’ll be surprised. Fava is actually a yellow sweet pea dip! It’s super creamy and full of flavor. Add it to your list of foods to try in Greece!

Another favorite Greek dip, though, is taramasalata. This dish is a smooth, creamy blend of fish roe, with either a potato or bread base. It is best served with a drizzle of olive oil or a squeeze of lemon for a bit of zest.

Bonus: Don’t forget olives!

Greece is well-known for its olive production. They are rooted in Greece’s rich history; some even say that Athena gave an olive tree to the city of Athens. From virgin olive oil to a side of herby olives before a meal, you’ll find this food everywhere you go in Greece.

While in Greece, enjoy olives with other sample plates like pita bread, tzatziki, or fava. You can’t go wrong! Of course, you’ll also find them in a variety of other Greece dishes like gyros, Greek-style salads, or drizzled on feta cheese.

Do we have your tastebuds tinglings? Ours sure are! Reach out to us today to start planning that special trip to Greece you know you’ve been dreaming of.

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