Peace of Mind

Our most popular service

We make custom travel plans simple.


You pick the destination & the budget

Not sure? Don't worry. We help with that, too. We know which questions to ask to help you find your perfect vacation match. 

We'll provide the best options for you

We'll scour the internet, reach out to our suppliers, work through our local contacts, and negotiate the best prices in order to put together the best package for your needs!

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Choose your favorite and we'll take care of all the details

We'll make the calls, track the details, and provide you with a completely customized itinerary with  all your reservation details in one place. You get to relax and enjoy your vacation filled with activities perfectly suited to your style. If anything happens along the way, you can relax knowing we'll take care of everything! 

Our Process

We are a little different from the old-fashioned travel agents you might be familiar with. As Professional Travel Advisors, we still find great prices and good value, organize the logistics, and make your reservations, but we do SO much more.

Our primary job is making sure that you never waste a penny on a trip you don’t totally love. To make sure we get it right and provide you the best value we have a detailed consultation process.  It includes things like the kind of food and dining experiences you prefer, the kind of social scene (busy and full of parties and fun, vs. quite and romantic, family-friendly with kids or more adult oriented…), even things like the activities and things you hope to see or do.

The details are what turn a trip into an experience, and how we use this information is what sets us apart.  

This appointment-only service is not for everyone, but it is the ideal way to ensure travel excellence and create only the best of memories. We have the training, experience, and personal connections with the top suppliers in the industry to truly give you the vacation you deserve. We pair the purpose of the trip (romantic getaway, multi generational family get together, relaxation, high adventure) with the right atmosphere, social scene, food and dining, activities, and experiences, and keep it all in budget.

Business Consultation

Consultation & Customization

During the complimentary consultation we'll ask a lot of questions to learn about you and why you travel. We'll also explain our customized services  and determine which of our packages is the best fit to craft your perfect vacation.

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Presentation & Proposal

Your personal, interruption free presentation will include a full color itinerary with all the details of your trip, including pricing, accommodations, transportation, and touring. We'll answer questions and discuss options.


Connect & Advocate

Your time is valuable, and we are the liaison between you and the suppliers. We manage the paperwork, make the phone calls, and advocate for you every step of the way.

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Your travel documents will include local travel contacts, and we have your back 24/7, no matter where you venture. Reach us by email, phone, text or via the Pocket Travel App.

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Research & Analysis

Our detailed comparative analysis process combines your unique requirements with deep research to maximize your budget. We will leverage our contacts and partnerships to make sure you're getting the best value for your investment.

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Fine Tune & Confirm

We revise the proposal until it is perfect for you. We then proceed with deposits, confirmations, and offer travel insurance. We can handle every detail from dining reservations to a personal photography session to capture perfect memories of your amazing trip.

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Approximately two weeks prior to your departure, we'll provide your final travel itinerary in eco friendly electronic form. Your Pocket Travel App will feature every trip detail from the convenience of your phone.

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Return, Review, Repeat

Upon your return we look forward to hearing feedback about the trip. This allows us to better understand you as a traveler, so future travel plans are even more personalized. Our goal? Exceeding expectations, each and every time.